How to Wipe the Slate Clean

wipe slate clean start over

When I say “Wipe the Slate Clean”, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?


  • Throw everything out and start again?
  • Forget what you knew before?

For most people, wipe the slate clean, conjures up all kinds of ideas.  I am a “go big or go home” kind of girl so I automatically thought about getting in my car, driving to a new destination and laying down brand new roots…..

How to wipe the slate clean


Now, mind you, most people have obligations and can’t just pick up and leave.  This is one reason I blog.  In 2014, I was at a crossroads in my life.  I was not living the life I wanted.  I lived for my husband, for my kids, for my brick and mortar business, PTA, church and on and on and on.  I had entered my forties and I was down to two kids living at home.  I had hit the lowest point in my life and was almost debilitated by depression and fear.

Two things happened.

My daughter was accepted at Ole Miss and after my divorce, I had met a man who I wanted to get to know better.  When the time came, I threw fear out the window and decided to, in the famous words of Nike, “Just do it”!   Some people thought I had lost my mind, but I knew there was something better out there for me and it was now or never.  Because I am a Christian and spend a lot of time praying, I knew God was nudging me to take that leap of faith.  I was always a rule follower, but this time I couldn’t shake the fact that life was passing me by and I wanted to find happiness.  Starting a blog was something I had always wanted to do, but I was always busy raising a family or working.  By taking that leap of faith,  I was realizing my dream of becoming location independent and that meant no matter where I went, I could make a living by living out MY dreams.

Think about this.  When you ask yourself what wiping the slate clean means for YOU, what do you want out of life?  What would you do differently? Would you change something as simple as the way you think?  Or will you “go big or go home” like me?

oh.  That girl?  She is now a beautiful Sophomore majoring in marketing.

That man?  He was marriage material.

Man, sometimes, life is SO GOOD!

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