5 Important ways to achieve a fulfilling relationship

Important ways to achieve a fulfilling relationship

5 Important ways to achieve a fulfilling relationship


How important is it to you to have fulfilling relationships?  You might be thinking that is a really dumb question, but It often surprises me that people do not nurture and put more into their relationships.  As a adoptive parent (3 times), I have seen firsthand what happens when parents don’t nurture and love their children.  All you have to do is turn on the TV and see what our world has come to.  Had someone told me just 20 years ago, that we would see people killing their own babies or killing someone over something as trivial as a video game, I never would’ve believed it would happen.  It was less than 30 years ago, I witnessed one of the first murders in my hometown and I couldn’t believe it was happening.  I am not neive by any stretch of the imagination, but Holy Jesus, what is going on? We have obviously had a breakdown in many areas.

I had a couple ways of having a open relationship with my kids when they were growing up.  They didn’t always like certain things, but none of them died over not bringing their smart phones to the dinner table.  Today, I am thankful I was a bit more “old fashion” with raising them and what I expected in return.


Important ways to achieve a fulfilling relationship



Today, I want to discuss 5 Important ways to achieve a fulfilling relationship that can be used with a spouse, a friend, a child or basically anyone you can invest time into.


1. Communicate –  Most important, in my opinion, is to take the time to communicate.  A lot of relationships could be saved with communication.  Instead, we get mad at something and instead of going directly to the person to work it out, we avoid them.  Or worse yet, just cut them out of our life.  Why is communication such a huge stumbling block for most people?

2. Practice listening carefully –This seems to be a hard one.  I am guilty of it myself.  There have been several times my husband starts to tell me about his day and I am in my own little bubble.  Preoccupied with one thing or another (sorry honey.)  Even if you can only spare 10-20 minutes, give that person your full attention and let them know you care about them and what has gone on in their life that day.

3. Show your appreciation –To me, this is one of the easier ones, but is often overlooked.  SAY THANK YOU!  It’s that simple.  If a child holds the door for you at a restaurant, thank them.Maybe even comment to his/her parents what a curteous child they are.  Something so small goes a long way in building a child’s self esteem.

4. Be present in the moment – Always be present in the moment.  One day your time with that certain person will be over and you will wish you had spent more time with them.  Trust me.

5. Be grateful for the people God has placed in your life – I spent a lot of my teen and twenties not appreciating the people God had placed in my life.  I was sure I “knew it all” and had better ideas.  One day, you wake up from that and realize all that you have missed.  For me, it took my dad being diagnosed with cancer for me to see I never spent enough time with him.
Are there other ways that you go about achieving your goal to a fulfilling relationship? Did it take a wake up call to grab your attention?  If so, I’d like to here more.


Are you slaying it when it comes to being a good spouse?

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