How to create the perfect SHE shed

step by step how to create the perfect she shed


Let’s face it! Guys have their man caves so why shouldn’t we create a place for us girls to hang out?  When I was a teenager, Friday and Saturday nights were for hanging with friends in your bedroom gossiping, eating and doing each others hair and makeup.

WHOA….hold on a minute….


WELCOME TO 2017 and the SHE shed!  


step by step how to create the perfect she shed


The luxury of owning a SHE shed and dreaming big is a reality for a lot of women these days. My favorite ones are the cargo containers that you can revamp in your back yard and look like, and can double, as art studios.  For just a few hundred bucks you can get a welder to help you put in doors and windows, blow in insulation and put up drywall. Of course, if you want electric and water, it will be quite a bit more, but can you put a price on peace and quiet, kid free, time?  Lol


As far as decorating it, go BIG or go home!  This is your space.  You don’t have to share it with anyone except who you open the front door to.  I love hot pink, so mine would reflect my Personality.   I love modern, geometric wallpaper, art, fur rugs and modern furniture.  I love the Kate Spade decors in black, white, pinks and gold. Remember, this is all about you, so take advantage of it.
There is some things you will definitely want.  Following is a list I compiled to make your alone time more comfortable.




(SSS) She shed shit you NEED:



And if we are dreaming?  A private bathroom!  It doesn’t have to be large, but It definitely needs a soaker tub.  This is a place you could keep all your expensive perfumes and lotions and experiment with new looks.

A couple years ago, I read a poem from one of my favorite writers and I would like to share it with you.  I think it goes perfect with having our own space.


The Abandoned Heart Hotel – Erin Hansen

If money were not an object, what kind of She Shed would you build?  What would be a list of your must haves? Who would you allow in?


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